Welcome to my Amazon store

Every day I  find myself recommending various products to clients, whether it be items to make it easier for dogs to walk across slippery floors, to nutritional supplements to books. So many of us turn to Amazon these days for the best prices and fastest shipping, I decided to  start an affiliate store, to make it easy to find the products I recommend on Amazon. I make a very small commission on the sale, and you, the client, still save money. I would much rather you spend less money on products so you have more money left over for acupuncture, laser and massage to help your pet feel even better!

The link to my Amazon store can be found on the links page.

If you have any personal suggestions that you have found useful in caring for your furry friend, and that has made their life more comfortable, please do not hesitate to send me an email, drjosiepetvet@gmail.com