Kathleen C. Fleischman

I have the pleasure of knowing Dr. Josie Beug for over 7 years.
Initially, as veternarian to our beloved Lucky the Wonder Dog, who lived a happy life of 17 years.
When the time came for Lucky to leave us Dr. Josie arrived at our home.
As painful as it was to say goodbye to our longtime companion, Dr. Josie created an atmosphere of love and compassion along with her medical acumen.

Over the years I have related this beautiful and Spiritual experience with many animal lovers.
Currently, our 6 year old Jake has the pleasure of calling Dr. Josie his doctor.
Both of these beautiful dogs were rescued from the street.
Before we were introduced to Dr. Josie Beug we dealt with the stressful ordeal of bringing our pets to the Vet’s office.
The home visit experience for both our pets as well as ourselves is a quantum leap in healthcare. 
I treasure Dr. Josie Beug both professionally and personally.
Respectfully submitted
Kathleen C. Fleischman
Miami Springs, FL
April 25, 2013